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Catherine, Mount Martha

You made such a difference

Thank you Nicole for your support and help, you made such a difference to a normally stressful time. Cant thank you enough.


Professional and calm

Using Bayside Real Estate Advocates was an efficient way to purchase, Nicole was professional and calm. She has a vast understanding of all things real estate and property related, from building and design to contract due diligence, protecting us from potential unforeseen circumstances.

Her tradespeople and contacts were also efficient and very quick. She is a great negotiator and asked the agents the right questions. I felt as though the agents I spoke to were not always honest and open about the process and for that reason I was looking for far too long and getting disappointed. As soon as we met Nicole, we knew we were going about it all wrong, she explained the process and just made it happen.

Nicole saved us money and saved us time, I would always recommend Nicole to anyone buying and selling, it makes sense to get the best representation from the experts, especially on such a big investment. Thanks, Nicole we are excited about the future, many thanks.

Daniel and Kelly
Daniel and Kelly​, Langwarrin

Honest, reliable and hardworking

Nicole did a fantastic job as a Vendors’ Advocate and Buyers’ Advocate for us. Nicole was honest, reliable and hardworking. She was always available to respond to any queries or concerns we had with care, compassion, and knowledgeable insight that not only kept us at ease but kept us feeling confident knowing we were on the right path to a successful transition. We highly recommend Nicole and the real estate services she provides.

Errol and Carol, Cheltenham

Organized and knowledgeable

Nicole was really easy to deal with, particularly the selection of a real estate agent, it was a fantastically easy process. We thought it was going to be daunting but Nicole helped us through and made it extremely easy.

Nicole’s follow up and all her dealing with the agent meant we only dealt with Nicole who organized everything for us, her knowledge and skills along with knowledge of the area was second to none.

We achieved a great result above our expectations, I would recommend Bayside Real estate Advocates to anyone. The best experience we had through all the houses we have sold. Nicole was warm and friendly but tough when she needed to be, I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Errol and Carrol
Liz​, Highett

Amazing and wonderful

My daughter recommended I use Nicole to help me sell my home. I could not have been happier, she was amazing, finding the correct agent, sourcing a handyman, and liaising with stylers and the agent throughout. She negotiated a great selling price and I sold in 6 days.!! What a wonderful lady she is. And just recently, I have used her services to purchase my next property! I would have no hesitation in recommending Nicole, she made the experience so easy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tony and Mary, Beaumaris

You’re a STAR

We want to thank you for the wonderful experience you provided us in the lead up to the sale of our home in September. The professional team you engaged, and your positive approach to us as your clients was most encouraging and gave us confidence that all would be OK…and that it was! You have also guided and supported us navigate through to our next step with no hurdle being an issue – even putting up with me! We thank you and cannot recommend you more highly to anyone thinking of doing what we have just done! You are a star….

Tony and Mary
Nicole with Derek and Tina
Derek and Tina​, Mentone

Highly recommended

When discussing with friends the potential for downsizing and putting our house on the market, they suggested we get in touch with Nicole early in the process to get some ideas on what preparations we needed to do prior to selling, as well as guiding us through the selling process. It was well worth making contact with Nicole as when it came time to sell she was a wealth of information and held our hand through the whole process, pretty much from start to finish.

Her range of tradespeople’s contacts for getting the house up to scratch for sale, as well as her contacts for furniture and styling was absolutely invaluable and certainly assisted in keeping us sane through the process and achieving a fantastic end result with the sale.

On top of this, along with the estate agent that she engaged on our behalf, they were constantly feeding us with the potential buyer’s feedback during the period from when the house was put on the market to (successful) auction day. The weekly meetings we had with Nicole certainly assisted us in keeping up to speed with where things sat throughout the process. We can certainly recommend Nicole’s services for selling your property and we’re very appreciative of taking her onboard for selling ours!

Sharon and John, Black rock

Overseeing everything and supportive

To whom it may concern, My husband and I were recommended to use Nicole and Bayside Real Estate Advocates, we met Nicole and knew she was different from all the agents we had met. We felt supported and safe in the knowledge Nicole was overseeing everything, we honestly had everything done for us.

When the agent wanted us to except low offers early on in our campaign, Nicole assured us to wait and we did for a short time and ended up getting over $150,000 more that we had in the first offer. It was great to have the buffer between the agent and we felt that without out the hidden agenda to sell that our needs were being met. Nicole also came and bid for us at Auction, she was amazing, really professional.

Nicole again saved us $75,000 at Auction, we would have payed more but as it turns out we didn’t need to, the negotiations took hours but Nicole was with us all the way. we cant recommend Nicole and Bayside Vendor advocates enough. keep up the good work Nicole and lets share that celebratory drink really soon. Sincerely Sharon and John

Sharon and John
Dan and Kim
Kim and Dan, Beaumaris

Great listener and very understanding

Kim and Dan started their search like most others but after talking to Nicole at Bayside real-estate Advocates they found it to be not as daunting as they once thought.

Nicole listened and understood what they were looking for and provided reports and information along the way, she negotiated on their behalf and bid at auction to achieve a successful result.

Happy buyers once again!

Rebecca, Beaumaris


I first got to know Nicole in a 2015 auction where she was working as a real estate agent, and instantly we became friends.

Recently, Nicole helped me to presale 3 of my newly constructed townhouses in Reservoir, and achieved prices much higher than expected. Also, Nicole recently sold one of my other properties in black rock, doing a fantastic job communicating with tenants and construction workers to prepare the property for sale.

Amazingly, she even sold the property before it went online, for such an incredible price. I’m amazed by her hard work and talent.

Nicole with Rebecca
Nicole with Tracy and David
Tracy and David​, Mentone

Very helpful

David and Tracey have lived in their home for some years and when it came to selling they could not think of anyone else better to assist them with their sale. Nicole from bayside real estate Advocates advised on styling their home, getting it ready and even lending them some stylish pieces from her own home to assist with presentation.

Nicole interviewed the agents and ran the whole operation together with the listing agent working swiftly and confidently for her clients. The overall campaign brought over 100 buyers to their home and 6 bidders to auction. What a huge success. Good luck Tracey and Dave with your move to the country.

Amber, Mount Martha

Determined and supportive

Dear Nicole, Thank you for all your hard work, determination and support in helping sell my home. You have made what could have been such a stressful and anxious time into a more relaxing and somewhat carefree process and I could be more thankful.

You have such a friendly, compassionate and caring heart and I am so grateful that we crossed paths and you were there to guide me through everything!

Ian and Sandra, Beaumaris

Very helpful

Ian and Sandra sold in Beaumaris and used Bay side Real estate Advocates to sell their home, they lived in a stunning architecturally designed home filled with natural light on a large leafy block of land. Selling was something they researched for many years before engaging our services.

A home filled with memories and plenty of character needed a unique approach, we are happy to say after less than 2 weeks in this challenging market a sale was secured which exceeded their expectations.

Now these lovely clients get to enjoy the next stage of their lives, the down size. This is what they had to say “:Nicole was a great help, she was able to get a number of proposals from various agents and re negotiate better terms and provided us a better more stream lined and competitive approach. Nicole really added valuable insight into all areas of our sale.”

Ian and Sandra
Michelle and John
Michelle and John, Black rock

Professional and excellent service

To whom it may concern, I am writing today to thank Nicole Payne for her professional and excellent service. we appointed Nicole as our Real estate Advocate in the sale of our home in Black rock and from the moment we engaged Nicole all the stress was gone. Nicole researched and interviewed the prospective agents, saved us money on marketing and negotiated a fantastic agents commission for us she saved us thousands. We signed with the agent and Nicole sat right beside us all of the way.

We began the campaign and Nicole was there leasing with the agent and reporting back in language we could understand. The agent wanted to go to Auction but Nicole assured us we would get a great sale any moment and there was no need to spend more on advertising. We did sell and we were very happy, it played out exactly as Nicole had said, even when we were away on holidays Nicole made sure the property was locked up properly and flowers in the house were replaced, along with light and candles on at opens.

Nicole went above and beyond in the orchestrating of our sale we are so happy we decided to use Bayside Real estate Advocates The service didn’t stop there, when purchasing Nicole negotiated a purchase and helped us navigate our way through some big contracts. We are so thankful for her efforts and attention, Nicole and Bayside Real estate advocates are the best decision we made when beginning our real estate journey. thank you and we would love to recommend your services to anyone wanting to sell in the future.

Kind Regards Michelle and John

Wayne, Beaumaris

Professional and genuinely friendly

To Whom it may concern, I engaged Nicole Payne to act as a Vendor Advocate on the sale of a property she thoroughly explained the process, so that I fully understood what was involved and how it would be accomplished. She interviewed the estate agents to select the one we agreed would be the best to represent the sale.

She negotiated a reduced commission and carefully saved me money on marketing rejecting unnecessary costs. She recommended all the trades and conveyancer, project managing the whole process. Her professional and genuinely friendly attitude, where nothing was to much trouble. and always ready to assist in any way while making sure I understood, and was satisfied with the campaign as it unfolded was greatly appreciated.

The time and effort and care she put in during the sale was at no additional cost to me and I cant thank her enough.

Nicole with Wayne

Nicole Payne

Founder | Real Estate Advocate

Beginning her career as a listing and sales agent, Nicole’s expertise is derived from over 27 years within the industry. As a certified auctioneer and fully licensed real estate agent, you’re in no safer hands than Nicole Payne’s.

Holding an undeniable passion for property, Nicole balances her advocacy with a property development business she owns alongside her husband. An REIV member, female entrepreneur, and proud mum, it’s no wonder Nicole so effortlessly connects with clients – her authentic approach and charisma infiltrate her professional service.

Carrying exceptional warmth, compassion, and remarkable industry insight, with a large dose of determination, Nicole Payne will be your initial advocate of choice and your confidant for life.

Nicole Payne

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