Buyers Advocate

Buyers Advocate

If you’re ready to purchase, we start with a face-to-face discovery meeting to understand your property needs and wants to get a real feel for what your next property looks like. We then deep-dive into the analytics, researching and sourcing both off-market and on-market opportunities and attending numerous open for inspections before shortlisting, completing the due diligence and of course, securing the home with an elite level negotiation.

In every purchasing transaction, we have managed to save our clients tens of thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars of their purchase. Not finished until you’ve settled in, our personalized service extends assistance and coordination through the packing and moving phases.

As a buyers advocate, we offer a few different options to you, our buyer, depending on your current situation and needs. These services include either:

  1. Full search, Select, and Purchase
  2. Negotiation and Contract Signing
  3. Auction Bidding and Contract Signing
  4. First Home Buyer Service

We understand that purchasing a property is one the largest financial transactions you will ever make, so having the right buyers advocate on your side ensures you will not only purchase the right property but also pay the least amount of money for it.

Nicole Payne
Bayside Real Estate Advocates


We reach out to all agents and find off market properties through our extensive contact list, getting you into your home faster, there is a huge undercurrent of properties sold buyers don’t know about, let us work for you.

  • Initial face to face discovery meeting
  • Document signed – Buyer authorization form – engagement fee paid
  • Meeting where possible – go through buyers checklist, discuss options and property criteria
  • Direct engagement with agents specific to brief to identify off market and on market opportunities
  • Assessment of currently marketed properties online, ongoing searches online – weekly updates
  • Coordinating property inspections and timing of private and open tours – weekly updates
  • Subsequent evaluation and property selection – in person with the client where possible
  • Design and execute a negotiation strategy, client meeting to discuss options and pre-auction purchase, and auction strategy planning session where applicable
  • Bid and negotiate contracts
  • Carry out due diligence and coordinate contact timing, liaising with agent.
  • Conduct and advise on the final inspection.
  • Settlement coordination and lead-up to move-in day, providing all necessary advice and information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a buyers advocate?

Are you spending every weekend going to open after open, auction after auction? Not sure where to buy or what to buy? A buyers advocate does all the hard work for you, searching for the right property, in the right area and then negotiating on your behalf to ensure you pay the bare minimum saving you thousands of dollars.

How much does a buyers advocate charge?

A buyers advocate will either charge a fixed fee or a percentage of the purchase price depending on the type of service that is required. If the buyer has found a property and just needs a buyers advocate to negotiate the sale and bid at auction if needed then a fixed fee is charged.

If a buyer requires a full search, select, and purchase then we charge a small percentage of the final purchase price. Please feel free to call us to discuss further.

Why is a buyers advocate so important?

When purchasing a property, utilising a buyers advocate is extremely important for many reasons. One of the main reasons is we have access to a lot of off market properties that are not advertised, meaning you have a greater selection to choose from and also have exclusive access with no competition, meaning you will not pay a premium price.

Secondly, using the right buyers advocate to negotiate a sale can save you tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars off the purchase price.

Bayside Real Estate Advocates

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Read the stories of our clients and how they put their trust in Bayside Real Estate Advocates.

Happy Clients

Thank you Nicole for your support and help, you made such a difference to a normally stressful time.

Using Bayside Real Estate Advocates was an efficient way to purchase, Nicole was professional and calm.

I were recommended to use Nicole and Bayside Real Estate Advocates, we met Nicole and knew she was different from all the agents we had met. 

Bayside Real Estate Advocates

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