Advocate vs Agent

Real Estate Buyer’s Advocate vs Agent

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Selling and buying for most people is something that you experience less than a handful of times during your life.

Real Estate Agents and real estate Buyer’s Advocates have done this hundreds and even thousands of times.

The questions often asked by a large number of clients:

  • What does a Buyer’s Advocate do? and How are they different from real estate agents?
  • The simple answer to this is that using a Buyer’s Advocate means you have a property expert working for you and only you. A Real Estate Agent may be able to assist you by presenting different properties they have for sale, but at the end of the day they work for the vendor, not the buyer.
  • How is this different from a Real Estate Agent?
  • A Real Estate Agent works for and is paid by the vendor. This means in any transaction the agent is solely working for the vendor and conducting negotiation on their behalf with the aim of selling the property for the highest price possible. A Buyer’s Advocate, however, works for you, the buyer, with the aim of purchasing a great property at a great price that is going to have long-term benefits for you.
    A Real Estate Agent may have a range of properties available for you to inspect in a given area, but it’s not their job to assess the property for suitability and long-term performance or secure the property for you by negotiating the lowest possible purchase price.
  • Why would I use a Buyers Advocacy service?
  • When it comes to buying property, we’ve all heard horror stories about people losing money when it comes time to sell their homes or being caught out with expensive repairs and maintenance. It pays to invest in professional advice to ensure what you are buying is a good investment.
    Over a number of years, you want the property to increase in value, helping you take your next step.

A Buyer’s Advocate should assist you in reviewing the areas you wish to purchase in and evaluating risk. Making sure there are no big developments or changes that will impact you in the future and help you select a great asset (whether to live in or as an investment)

A Buyer’s Advocate ensures all building and pest inspections are completed, negotiates with the vendor’s agent, and bids at auction within your budget while improving your chances to buy by 92% when securing a property purchase under the hammer. Planning and consideration around bidding strategy, contract reviews, and negotiations to protect you along with sourcing property, inspecting, shortlisting, and liaising with agents daily.

When it comes down to it, an experienced Buyer’s Advocate is a financial investment many people simply can’t do without.

We often pay professionals to do our taxes and visit when we are sick, a true professional Buyer’s Advocate with tons of experience is equally as important. A Buyer’s Advocate stays on top of change and helps you invest in property wisely. A good Buyer’s Advocate understands that every buyer requires a different mix of service and advice, and taking the time to listen and guide you is paramount to your success.

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